Draco Viridi

Draco Viridi is Latin for ‘Green Dragon’. Suzanne Younan is the founder of Draco Viridi and the volunteer group ‘Green Dragons HK’ During her volunteer work Suzanne decided to reach young minds with a story that might provoke a reaction in communities across Hong Kong and around the world. The Green Dragon book was written to touch the hearts of children and to lead them into action, hopefully teaching their peers and family members along the way. 

I was approached by Suzanne, with regard to creating the website and office stationery for Draco Viridi. We started with first creating the logo and then moved on to the website.. Creating the logo was challenging, although we were making the logo for a children’s book company, we need the logo to look professional and corporate rather than comical and childlike. This was because Draco Vidi’s first venture was a children’s book however in the future they do wish to dwell into other aspects that help raise awareness and inform the public on reducing their carbon footprint. 

With regard to the website, we had to build it from scratch. We faced a few challenges with regard to the layout and the theme of the website, as there was a lot of content for the website which was vital information for viewers. We decided to have certain illustrations from the book as page breaks, that help show the mood and how information is communicated to young minds. In Addition to that, we believed it would be essential to have a page solely dedicated to the distributors of the book, as it helps the viewers identify where they can grab a copy. Lastly it was vital to have a page for schools and education centres to be able to contact the company, in order to organise a book reading and educational discussions with the author. 

It was a great experience working with Draco Viridi and learning so much about plastic waste not only in Hong Kong but also in the world. Furthermore, seeing it being taught to the younger generation in such a beautiful manner. I still work very closely with Draco Viridi with regard to updating and maintenance of the website.

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