Kayen Jewellers

Kayen Jewellers is a family owned and operated jewellery business, based in both New York and Hong Kong. The family behind Kayen & co. have been in the jewellery business and have continued to integrate their family values into all of their ventures since. Kayen Jewellers were looking for a photographer to help them shoot their new collection in April. I approached them showing interest in the shoot. The talents in this shoot were social media influencers Jessica Wong and Ken Bek.

I photographed and edited three hundred photos for Kayen. This shoot was loads of fun but a really quick one. The complete process from planning to editing had to be done in one weeks time. There was a tremendous time pressure on this shoot but I was able to successfully complete the shoot and meet the expectations of Kayen Jewellers. Through this shoot we wanted to showcase all the new arrivals for the collection that Kayen had produced, and capture the essence of Hong Kong. This was achieved as we decided to shoot outdoors and in the city of Hong Kong. 

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