Peak of Mind

Peak of mind is a performance psychology consultancy firm based in Hong Kong, with the aim to empower people to become their best selves, by helping them reach their true potential. Peak of mind is founded and managed by head performance psychologist Hiren Khemlani.

Peak of Mind were looking to create their website along with their logo and name cards, for which I was approached by the head performance psychologist. Working closely with Hiren, we brought to life his vision through the website, from inspiration to completion.

I would sit with Hiren and discuss elements of other websites he really liked, and I tried to incorporate them into his own, hence moving us onto the creation process. Through trial and error, we were able to achieve the user-friendly website that helps clients book appointments and informs them about all the services provided by Peak of Mind.

The colouring of the logo was the challenging part as initially we were not finding the right colour scheme that would help bring together the company theme. We eventually settled on the rustic gold as it symbolises wealth. We believed that this would help attract potential clients and show them that mental health is wealth. Overall, it was such a great and positive experience working with Peak of Mind.

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