Quilo 2.0

Quilo is a cooler that helps humidify and purify air. I worked as a part of Lime Content Studios Production team for this project. My role was that of an Associate Producer. My duties were to managed location recce, preproduction paperwork, creative of the spot, ensuring project was on schedule. I was also given the responsibility of assisting the editing of the videos with guidance from the editor. It is always a great experience working with Lime* Content Studios, as they gave me the opportunity to present my creative ideas and take charge of certain aspects of the shoot. We decided to show the effect simple daily tasks, that take place in nearly all households have on the air around you and how the Quilo can help the air quality in your home. Along with how easy to use and light to move the product can be. The final result was a video that was able to show how the Quilo is a smart tower fan that changes into an air cooler for hot summers, a humidifier for dry winters and an air purifier for those ragged allergy days in the spring and fall. Lime Content Studios’ Collaboration with Quilo resulted in a spot that perfectly captured all the benefits Quilo can bring to your home and loved ones. 

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Executive Producer & Director
Director of Photography
First AD
Production Manager

Bill MCQueen
Derrick Fong
Elton Cheng
Rahul Khater