We live in a time where, we are always amazed by new technology that helps make life simple. Troop’s new technology helps show that insurance does not have to be a nightmare anymore. They wanted to show the technology they could create to attract potential investors and show the simplicity of receiving an insurance claim within a matter of a day.

I worked as a part of Lime Content Studios’ production team. My role was that of an Associate Producer. This entailed managing castings, preproduction paperwork, location recce along side making sure the project was on schedule. I also took on the additional responsibility of handling Lime’s Social Media and behind the scenes filming.

During the initial stages of preproduction, we decided to create a storyline that was relatable and showed the simplicity of the technology. Through the use of graphics we were able to show all the background work the app does. The final result was a video that showed potential investors how Troops could make life and insurance easier and simple.

Executive Producer & Director
Director of Photography
First AD
Production Manager

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